Our Most Popular Fundraising Posts in 2014

Thank you all for stopping by, leaving comments, asking questions and reaching out! Together we can make a difference in this world.

It’s always a challenge to convince others of the worthiness of a cause and to raise enough funds to enable us to keep doing our important work. But despite the challenges, we keep working at it and the payoff is a world that’s a little bit better because of our efforts.

Thank you all for making our world a better place! On to a great 2015!

Our 10 most popular articles of 2014:

wrong way sign
10 Mistakes Nonprofit Professionals Make

Tips for Creating Community Awareness for Your Nonprofit

e-cover letter
Nonprofit E-cover Sample: Adapting Your Proposal Cover Letter for our New Electronic-world

we care stamp
Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

female marketer
5 Marketing Trends that Nonprofits Should Not Ignore

chicken or the egg?
Fundraising Idea: How to Run a Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

dog wash fundraiser
100 + Fundraising Ideas!

dog wash fundraiser
How To Ask For Donations From A Large Company

Your Nonprofit Story: Blockbuster or Dud?

don't fail sign
What Went Wrong? 9 Reasons a Fundraising Appeal Fails

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