‘Print-on-demand’ Calendars and Cookbooks For Your Next Fundraiser

With the possibility of ‘print-on-demand’ and the ease of self publishing, products like calendars and cookbooks that were previously deemed too expensive or too time intensive to produce and sell for fundraising purposes have actually now become ‘quick to plan and sell’ additions to the collection of fundraising products.


In the old days you’d have to go through a lengthy process of designing a calendar on your computer (or hire a designer) and then have the pressure of ordering a minimum amount for your fundraiser. Those days are over and creating a calendar for your next fundraising event is easier than ever!

There are several services out there that let you assemble calendars from your own pictures and preset designs and then order any number you choose with the option of printing more in the future ‘on demand’ without any additional setup costs. Look for tiered pricing options to get the best deal.

You can easily order calendars through software you may already have on your computer, like iPhoto for example, or you can use pictures from your Flickr page and create a calendar with them.

Online publishers like Lulu.com (sponsored) also offer several different custom calendars at good prices. You can choose from several different themes and designs.

fundraising calendar

fundraising calendar


Tip: When choosing pictures for your calendar, try to choose pictures that you think will please the majority of your supporters and any people portrayed in them. It’s best to decide on pictures and design together as a group. Be sure to get a ‘release’ signature from any person appearing in the images. If there are under age kids in the images, get permission from their guardians.

Also, only order ONE calendar with your first order as a ‘final proof’ copy. This will allow you to make any changes and get more feedback from others involved in the fundraiser.


Creating a personalized cookbook for your group has also become much easier with the new print-on-demand online services. You can upload your own recipes and photos collected from your group members, or use recipes that have been made available by a cookbook service like TasteBook for example.

Online publishers like Lulu.com also offer different options for creating custom cookbooks, including wallet size cookbooks.


The ordering process is made easy with the availability of choosing from pre-made templates and layouts for your pages. Supporters can either go online to order their copy, or you can keep a stock of cookbooks for direct sales. If your group has a website, you can simply add a link to the site where the book can bought online. You can also add the link to any e-mail campaigns.

Since the books will always be ready to ship, this is a great way to raise funds year round. You can set your own price and periodically offer special pricing for specific holidays for example.

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  1. Posted by eva 3rd February, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Personally I had given up on creating a cookbook for our Elementary school group, because of all the work involved and because of the limited choices for cookbooks. We just wanted to create a small book with maybe about 20 pages. Looks like we can do this easily now with these new services! Thanks for the info :)



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