Resources For Starting Your Fall Fundraising Season

Maybe you’re already knee deep into your Fall fundraising activities, or you’re still in the beginning stages lining up volunteers and deciding on fundraising products and strategies. In any case we hope the following list of some of the most popular resources on will help you save money and time and make your fundraising season a success!

Use checklists

If you’re still in the planning stages for this season, our collections of checklists may help you decide which fundraiser might be the most appropriate, help you establish clear goals for your fundraising efforts, or help you get organized when planning your next fundraising event. Are you ready to get started with social media? Before you send your first tweet, plan ahead with our social media strategy checklist. Or maybe this year is the year your group will apply for non-profit status? Our checklist will give you a basic overview of steps that have to be taken to start a non-profit.

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Save money

Every year the need to be more efficient with your resources becomes even more important and you can start by saving money on your phone services and other office related costs. If you’re running a website browse the free website tools section over at for free resources to manage and optimize your website.

Write donation request letters and thank you letters

If you need some inspiration for your next donation request letter, click over to our fundraising letters category. You’ll find free-to-copy fundraising letters, sample thank you letters and writing guides.

Get organized

Are you using swipe files for your group? Swipe files are simply a collection of your ads, fundraising letters, slogans etc. Using swipe files can be a huge time saver for your next fundraising season and help tremendously when you have a new group of volunteers to work with every year. If you haven’t used them yet, why not start this year?

Also consider evaluating whichever fundraiser you’re going to run now after it’s completed. Our post fundraiser checklist may help with that. Just like with swipe files, evaluating each fundraiser and establishing what worked and what didn’t can save a lot of time when it comes to planning your next fundraiser.

Align your marketing efforts

Does your group use social media marketing yet? Whether you’re using Facebook or Twitter or any other social media account, be sure to align and coordinate your online marketing efforts with your traditional marketing efforts. This will assure a more consistent and targeted marketing message.

More fundraising ideas

We continuously update our fundraising ideas and events category – how about a wine tasting fundraiser this year? Or browse through our list of fundraising ideas, which include ratings on earnings potential and fun factor!

Are there other resources you’d like to see on Please let us know!
We wish you a successful fundraising season!

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    Do you have any checklists for getting started with social media?

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    Yes we do! Click over to our social media checklist to help you get started and create your social media strategy.



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