Reusable Shopping Bags Fundraiser

Reusable shopping bags are cropping up in every store and now in fundraisers as well. Using reusable shopping bags is one of the easiest and impacting ways to do something good for the environment. What’s better than raising funds for your group and helping the environment with this green fundraiser at the same time!

Stores are offering reusable shopping bags with their logos at a cost to their customers. But the bags you will offer can be used anywhere, without the customer feeling awkward about bringing a competitor’s bags into a store. Your group can offer reusable shopping bags that can go anywhere (not just grocery store, but also beach, playground etc.), anytime, reducing the paper and plastic trail along the way.

Get started with this green fundraiser, and educate all involved along the way with a reusable shopping bag fundraiser!


reusable tote


Reusable shopping bag fundraiser how-to:

Reusable shopping bag fundraisers are very simple, really. Here’s a basic overview:

• Choose a supply company – Search Google for “wholesale shopping bags”

• Choose the reusable shopping bag or bags you want to sell

• Decide what logo or design (if any) will be printed on the bag

• Collect orders, through order takers, catalogs, or fliers

• Place order

• Deliver to happy buyers!

Of course, you could also pre-order a supply of bags and then sell them at your events. In any case, shop around! Different companies will have different products to offer and prices will be vary from under $2 to over $10 a bag.

Good reasons for a reusable shopping bags fundraiser

Besides the ease of the fundraiser, there are a number of advantages to selling reusable shopping bags. A few include:

• Opportunity for environmental education – for your group and for buyers

• Satisfaction of positively impacting the environment

• Providing customers with a bag that can go anywhere

• Profits of 40% or more (depending on supplier)

• Ability to pair with other ‘green’ fundraising campaigns

Note: Get educated about what impact plastic bags have on our environment at There is a fantastic list of resources, including a list of websites that are pro plastic bags here.

Reusable shopping bag fundraisers present an opportunity for guilt-free fundraising! Pair this fundraiser with other fundraising ideas and feel great about the service you provide as you raise the funds your group deserves!

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