Rooftop Fundraising, Cows And Spelling Bees

To keep you up-to-date on creative and innovative fundraising ideas, we will occasionally inform you about how others raise funds for their groups and how you can apply their fundraising strategies to your own fundraiser:

With all the buzz about raising money online these days, you’d think that the only money to be found is on the internet. But the reality is that less than 10 percent of the $2+ billion dollars that were raised last year was online. The rest? Regular old, run-of-the-mill fundraisers like…

Camping Out On The Roof

OK, so this one’s not so typical. Four members of the United Way of Wabash Valley (UWWV) camped out on the roof of a local grocery for 12 hours to create awareness for their organization and the 43 agencies it serves. They had lots of fun talking to the community and media and in the meantime raised a respectable $18,000. Read more…

Dressing Up Like A Cow

Seniors in the women’s history class at Roseburg High School thought their teacher was joking when she suggested they purchase a cow. But the class rallied around Mrs. Gwen Bartlett’s plan to raise money to donate to Heifer International, when they discovered the group’s mission is to help underprivileged families around the world by providing them with livestock and teaching them how to take care of it. They ended up with enough money to buy a cow, a water buffalo, and two goats – and a teacher who had to dress up like a cow per her promise. “If we reach our goal of $500,” she said, “I’ll wear a cow suit to class.” Read more…




Spelling Words In Public

Marion County Literacy Council members decided to stick to their mission when it came time to raise funds and hold what’s better known as a Spelling Bee. Teams and sponsors from all over the area paid $500 each to compete in the Bee and help raise a total of $27,000 toward the council’s operating budget. It will be used to buy things like books and materials for tutor/student pairs. Read more…

What lesson can be learned from these fundraisers? Come up with a fun concept that people are excited to be a part of – not always an easy task, but definitely doable! The number of ways to raise money is countless and the above stories show that even in a tough economy, people are willing to donate to help someone in else.

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