Structure And Motivation – Fundraising Rewards Programs

Rewards programs and incentives are the most commonly used forms of fundraiser motivation – because they work! Take the time before your fundraiser kicks off to structure a great rewards program, and you’ll have volunteers clamoring to get in on the action!

What’s In It For Me?

It’s a refrain that’s repeated endlessly in marketing: answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” When you can give volunteers different reasons to participate, you motivate them with more than just the campaign outcome.

Structuring The Fundraising Rewards Program

Before you begin, first set a structure for your fundraising rewards program. Set rewards at different levels for different donation or sales levels. Be careful to make sure that levels are evenly structured so that the low-end is not overly-rewarded and the high-end is not unfairly under-‘compensated’.

The most productive structure is one that has several tiers to the fundraising rewards program. Setting a reward for a low level of sales – with a corresponding, yet attractive reward – lets every volunteer feel like they can reach one or more goals, and come out with something nice and useful for their effort.

Set progressive levels with correspondingly rewarding and attractive rewards. The lowest level is designed to get each volunteer’s “foot in the door” so that they can feel success and shoot for an even higher goal and better reward.

Finding The Funds For Fundraiser Rewards

There are a number of ways to fund a fundraiser rewards program, but the best and most lucrative fundraiser rewards programs will not really be funded at all. Instead, they will rely on donations, community support, and company incentives. Here are a few options for funding fundraiser rewards programs:

Local donors
In kind donations of goods are an excellent way to secure attractive items that can be used as prizes and rewards for fundraiser rewards programs. Approach several area businesses for in-kind reward donations.

Fundraising companies
Many fundraising companies already have incentive reward programs built into their fundraisers. See what your company is offering, and take advantage of all the company will be giving. You can choose to use the incentives alone or add to them if you can secure more donations.

Area business partnerships
You can make your fundraiser rewards program a winner all around by partnering with local businesses for coupons for goods and services the sellers might use. You win because you get the reward prizes you need, the business wins because you are drawing in customers, and the volunteer wins because they get a great prize! Choose your target business partnerships carefully so that the prizes secured will really be valued.

Fundraiser profits
Since rewards are incrementally based on sales, your fundraiser profits can also be used to fund a fundraiser rewards program. Set the distribution date and the prize accordingly so that the funds can either be taken from savings and offset or taken and used after profits are recouped.

Fundraiser Rewards All Around

Fundraiser rewards programs do not have to be limited to the volunteer selling force. You can also use a reward program as an incentive for other volunteers and also supporters. Here, a simple donor recognition dinner or coffee hour can go a long way, as can valuable coupons from those partnering area businesses.

Fundraiser rewards programs can really breathe a lot of life into a fundraising campaign. For a small investment of time or money, you can boost your fundraising efforts to the next level, and provide some much needed enjoyment and confidence, too!

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