Target Facebook Bullseye Campaign

This is another great example of using social media not only to raise funds, but to also gain attention and in this case to get the community involved when deciding on how funds should be spent.

Target has launched the “Bullseye Gives” campaign on its Facebook page which allows people to choose among 10 charities eligible to win a portion of $3-million that the retail chain is donating. (The company gives away $3 million each week.)

Target will base its funding allocation on the percentage of votes received. People can vote once a day through May 25 on the company’s Facebook page, choosing among the Parent Teacher Association, Feeding America, the Salvation Army, American Red Cross, National Parks Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Kids In Need, Operation Gratitude, and the HandsOn Network/Points of Light Institute. All of these organizations have received Target contributions in the past.

Get a Facebook Page For Your Group

If you’d like to sign up your group or non-profit on Facebook, you can create a Facebook Page for your ‘Public Profile.’ It works just like a ‘Personal Profile,’ but represents your whole organization instead of just one person. You can add all your groups’ information, including mission and goals to the Info section. You can use your page for regular updates about your group, to link to your main website, promote fundraising events, proclaim your achievements, post photos, videos, thank your supporters, etc. Besides a Facebook Page you can also set up a Group on Facebook. Use Groups for individual projects, smaller projects, or projects that only apply to a specific group of people.

Examples of organizations’ Facebook Pages are Greenpeace USA and the American Red Cross.

More info for non-profits on Facebook.
For an in-depth explanation between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group, click over to Mashable.

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