The Dojiggy Giving Program: Nominate Your Organization for a $1,000 Award!

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Every year, non-profits and charities help to make the world a better place. They clean up parks and beaches, work towards a cure for cancer and other illnesses, and feed the hungry and homeless.

We at Dojiggy work with many of these wonderful charities every day, and often times we see first-hand the tremendous amount of good they do for people and for the planet. This work inspired us to found the Dojiggy Giving Program, as a way to give back to these organizations.


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What is the Dojiggy Giving Program?

Dojiggy Giving is a way to help charities by giving out cash grants to further promote the work that they do. This year, we’re giving $5,000 to 5 deserving non-profits.

We don’t have a specific area of focus when it comes to these charities, so non-profits in all sectors and causes are eligible. However, we do want the money to go to the organizations with the most need, so the recipients must have a budget of $1 million or less. The winners are chosen based on:

• Overview of the organization’s cause and need for financial support
• Online efforts to spread the word (especially on social media) and the community support via votes in the contest

This program not only provides funds, but we also highlight the winners helping to raise more awareness for their cause. They are promoted on our blog Online Fundraising Today, as well as through our social media channels. This is the program’s 6th year, and we are so inspired to have had so many entries and winners over the years.

3 Steps to nominate your organization for a $1,000 award

Nominating your organization is simple! This year, we are hosting the contest on Facebook, which makes sharing and spreading the word much easier.

1. Enter the Dojiggy Giving Contest on Facebook
2. Post a Video, Photo, or a Text Entry and tell us why your organization should win
3. Spread the word – get people to vote!

We want to draw as much attention as possible to the organizations that enter. Even though not every entry can be a winner, all of the participants still benefit from the exposure in the non-profit community. So get out there and nominate the organization that you think should win, help us spread the word, and vote on your favorites!

For more details or to see the organizations that have won over the past 5 years, visit Dojiggy’s Giving Program.


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