Turn Team Photos and Videos Into A Fundraising Opportunity

When you go to a local football game, a good portion of the crowd has a camera on-hand and they’re snapping photographs left and right. You can organize these photos and videos, create a montage of the highlights throughout the sporting season, and market them as a personalized DVD montage.

Before creating and marketing the DVD montage, it is very important to get legal consent from the parents of the members of the sports team (if they’re under the age of 21), as well as the members of the team. Depending on the school and the laws of your state, failure to get legal consent could put the school, you, and the people taking the photographs in serious legal trouble. If possible, ask the parents, and the team members to sign a release form at the time of signup at the beginning of the season. Be sure to identify which student the parent is signing off!


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1.) Gathering the photos:

Assuming your crowd is actively engaged in Facebook, Flickr, or another form of photo uploading services, this is incredibly easy. Simply download high-resolution versions (with permission from the photo-taker!) of the photos they upload to these services. You could also have the community submit their photos to an email address. Several area schools have the local newspaper taking photos of the game; by offering credit to the company and asking them for permission you could use their photos to get some excellent shots.

2.) Marketing the product:

Announcing your plans for the product is doubly important because it will get people involved in the production process through submission of their photos and videos from each game and help generate more sales once the DVD is completed. Post signs and sign up sheets where the crowd will see them! Be sure to send a purchase form with the football team, as well. Chances are good that most of the purchases will come from the families of the players on the football team, so advertise to them when possible.

At the end of the season, (or during the tournaments,) start marketing the finished product, offering it over the counter. Another time to sell the montage over-the-counter is during the awards banquet. People tend to be a little more prone to purchasing a product when they can receive it right away. If possible, display a sample of the unfinished product during each game. Have the announcer make mention of the product during halftime and before each game. Also be sure to be active on Facebook. Show off some of the photos for the finished product online and constantly encourage the public to get involved! Doing things like asking what kind of music should be played can make all the difference.

3.) Creating the product:

If you’re running windows, you can create the montage using Windows Movie Maker. If you’re on a Mac you can use iMovie. As long as you organize the photos and videos throughout the season you can have a completed video with music, videos, photos, and effects in a matter of hours.

Creating the cover for your case can be tricky, but there are several places online that provide templates for creating accurate designs. I advise using the ultraslim DVD case style because the printing only requires paper in letter-sized sheets (rather than legal-sized); and this will save you money when it’s time to print. Print test sheets to make sure that you have the cover cut to the right size; then have a professional print the proper amount of covers you will need at the end of the season.

4.) The music

It is highly recommended that you use royalty-free music. There are several great websites, as well as label-free artists that will be more than happy to see their music put to use like this. You can find a lot of these artists at soundclick.com. It’s recommended that you start the search for music early on, since finding the right song can prove to be somewhat time-consuming. Always be sure to contact the artist for permission to use their music, and be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Putting it all together:

– Your sign up sheet needs to ask for the name, address, phone number and signature for each contributor. A line of communication between you and the contributor is important.

– Create release forms for photographers and subjects with room for signatures of parents and kids

– Working on the montage and case throughout the season is advised, because it will give you more time to make adjustments. Doing so will also give you material to advertise on a screen during the games. Also, if the montage can be completed before the end of the season, selling copies over-the-counter will help boost sales.

– Be sure to mention that the proceeds will support the team.

– Create a minimum of 5 extra copies of the montage. You never know when you’re going to have a last-second order.

With a little creativity and time investment this fundraiser can be fun and lucrative!

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