“Tweet To Beat” Social Media Fundraising Experiment

“Tweet to Beat” is a social media fundraiser that uses Twitter to spread the word and also to publicly track the amount that will be donated.

This fundraiser will benefit U.S. public school students by donating proceeds to DonorsChoose.org.

Here is how it works:

Tim Ferris of The 4-hour Workweek will donate $1 for each new Twitter follower he gets within the following two weeks, ending March 23rd. 2009. In addition to that an anonymous person will donate another $2 per new Twitter follower on Tim’s Twitter account.

On his blog post about this fundraiser Tim mentions that he might add some twists and details to this fundraiser in order to increase donations.

How much do you think this fundraiser will yield?

Will Tim reach his initial goal of $150,000 by March 23rd? Our guess is yes!!

If you’d like to help, simply follow him on his Twitter account and $3 will be donated.

Not on Twitter yet? :0 Sign up here, it’s free.

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What can you learn about this fundraiser and potentially apply it to your own?

– This fundraiser makes use of a (real or imaginary?) fundraising partner who will provide matching donations. This motivates potential supporters and is a popular way to create more interest and therefore attract more donations.
– This fundraiser makes use of social media and the internet to spread the word.
– Of course what helps a lot here is the fact that Tim Ferris is famous for his book The 4-hour Workweek. He’s basically ‘donating’ his time and persona to DonorsChoose.org in order to raise money for them. Nice! He’ll also get lots more Twitter followers in return. It’s a win-win situation!

More about this fundraiser when it’s completed. Or maybe the momentum will be great enough to make this an ongoing fundraiser? We’ll see…

Update: Well, Tim didn’t even come close to his goal by the March 23rd deadline, but nevertheless, DonorsChoose.org still benefited from this experiment; read more at DonorsChoose.org.

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