Video Volunteers, Mobile Phones And Your Cause

Following are some resources to help you with marketing and promoting your cause and learning more about using social media in your communication efforts.

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YouTube Video Volunteers

Would you like to use YouTube to market your fundraiser, or promote your non-profit, but you need someone to help with putting a video together? YouTube has launched YouTube Video Volunteers to connect non-profits with video volunteers. Non-profits can post their requests for volunteers to choose. Video volunteers get exposure, gain experience and can feel good about themselves, knowing they’ve done something good for our world!

Update: This service is not available anymore. The channel videovolunteers is now creating a social media network of community producers from slums and villages.

How can you use mobile technology to promote your cause? is a ‘resource for activists using mobile technology worldwide.’ It is also an excellent resource for how people around the world use cellphones to promote their causes, keep otherwise ‘unconnected’ groups of people informed and how mobile phones are used to promote social change.

Alltop calls itself an ‘online magazine rack of popular topics.’ It’s basically a collection of blogs and feeds on specific topics that update every hour. Check out and for all the latest posts on the web about these topics! You can also apply to have your own cause’s website listed. ( is also on Alltop!)


Want to learn more about integrating social media into your organization’s communications strategy? Visit for ideas and resources from others involved with non-profits in a ‘community’ based environment.


Ready to start your own cause? Causes offers tips on how to get started with your cause, create a following and make a real impact. It also helps non-profits promote their causes through social media and lists them on their own website.

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