Water Bottle Fundraiser

Whether you’re planning on using reusable and customized water and sports bottles, or water bottles that bear your group’s label, this type of fundraiser presents yet another simple and inexpensive fundraising option. Read on for pros and cons and links to suppliers:

Basics of running a water bottle fundraiser

Water bottle fundraisers are run primarily through on-hand sales events. Your group will purchase water sports bottles in bulk, then increase the price and sell them to interested buyers. Water bottle sales generally do well at sporting or similar events, or as offered to and through team members. The disadvantage to on-hand water bottle sales is that your group will have to pay cash upfront to buy the bottles and if you are unable to move them your profits will be limited. Prices for waterbottles for fundraisers vary depending on the type and style of bottle purchased; prices range from $.55 to around $3.50 per unit. (*Tip: you may consider filling the bottles with ice water or offering a fill station to promote sales to thirsty patrons.)

To organize a waterbottle fundraiser, you first need to identify a water sports bottle supply company or fundraising company offering water bottle fund raisers. You will then work with a company representative to design your bottle logo and choose the type, color, and style of bottle. Companies will work with you to help you choose a fun and interesting message and you can submit your own organization logo to go on the bottle.

Advantages Of A Water Bottle Fundraiser

  • Water bottles are reusable
  • Reusable water bottles help save the environment from discarded plastic bottles
  • Printed water bottles serve as constant marketers every time they are used and seen
  • Water bottles do not perish and can be stored for future sales events
  • Water bottles are continuous fundraising products that you can sell over and over at each event
  • Water bottles are affordable
  • Your group can buy just enough to get the fundraiser started, then reorder stock as needed

sports and water bottles

Custom printed private label water bottle fundraising options

There are other ways to fundraise with bottled water and still take advantage of these printed “in hand” marketing agents.

Instead of buying printed water bottles, you can purchase bottles of drinking water in a variety of sizes complete with custom printed labels for your group. These are often available from bottled water suppliers; to save on shipping costs, find a local bottled water supplier.

Another option is for your group to buy bottled water in bulk from a local retailer and print your own labels.

The disadvantage to these options is that you will need a lot of space for product storage, product is heavy and unwieldy, and of course, you lose the advantage of promoting environmental friendliness. (Be sure to at least have a recycling bin ready for all the empty water bottles.) However, selling bottles of water at a sporting or outside event can be highly successful when you have a ready stock of thirsty buyers, and you still have that ever-important marketing angle regardless of the water bottle fundraising option you choose.

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  1. Posted by sltsmith 26th May, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    This is a great fundraiser for going “green” – we offered half price drinks at soccer games to anyone who brought a water bottle from a previous fundraiser and still made plenty of $$!



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